BBC Awards.








10 days !

Project Overview

The customer for this project was BBC Food and Farming, hosting their annual awards ceremony. Previously held at BBC Wales, the ceremony relocated to the BBC Broadcasting House, within their event space. The brief was to transform the stage area into an engaging space for the Food and Farming award ceremony, celebrating contributions to the sector. The deliverable included creating an engaging and vibrant stage area, establishing a thematic journey from the iconic reception area to the event hall, and setting up additional areas such as bar spaces, breakout areas, and photo opportunities.

Project Challenges & Solutions

The primary challenge revolved around a demanding timescale. The entire project, from the initial site survey to material sourcing and prop hiring, had to be executed within a mere 10 days. This tight schedule required swift and efficient coordination to meet all requirements. Additionally, the installation itself posed a challenge as it had to occur outside regular hours, creating logistical complexities.

To tackle the stringent timelines, Media Powerhouse streamlined the process, efficiently managing every stage of the project. Rapid sourcing of materials, meticulous planning, and swift decision-making were key components in meeting the tight deadline. The installation complexities were managed through careful scheduling and coordination, ensuring a smooth setup despite the tight timeframe and after-hours installation.

Outcome and Conclusion

Despite the challenging timelines and demanding installation schedules, Media Powerhouse successfully delivered a captivating and engaging environment for the BBC Food and Farming Awards at the BBC Broadcasting House. The transformation of the stage area and the thematic journey through the building received positive feedback, resonating well with the BBC’s brand and the essence of the event.

The event garnered significant attention, both in-person and on social media platforms, attracting notable figures and celebrities who positively commented on the aesthetics and atmosphere created by Media Powerhouse. The overall outcome was met with enthusiasm and satisfaction from the BBC, reflecting the success of the project in meeting and exceeding the expectations of creating an engaging, fun, and visually appealing environment for the awards ceremony.

The project’s ability to navigate tight timelines, execute a seamless installation, and create an engaging space that resonated with attendees and media platforms underscored Media Powerhouse’s capability to deliver high-quality, impactful event branding solutions, contributing to the success of the BBC Food and Farming Awards ceremony.