Bosch eBikes Stand.






Alexandra Palace


3 weeks

Project Overview

The customer for this project was Bosch eBikes, and the task centered around assembling a stand at Alexandra Palace for the cycle show. The stand, a German-built structure, arrived in modular parts and required collaboration between Media Powerhouse Group’s UK division and their German counterparts to create a 10 by 8 stand space.

The brief involved assembling the German-built stand, adding specific features, and creating an engaging space for Bosch eBikes at the cycle show. Media Powerhouse Group contributed by installing a wooden structure for the back wall, integrating a LED strapline glowing feature, incorporating the Bosch logo, and setting up a graphic back wall. Everything required for the stand was shipped in modular parts, which were checked, assembled, and shipped for the show.

Project Challenges & Solutions

The project faced several noteworthy challenges that demanded agile problem-solving and resourceful solutions. One of the primary hurdles was the inherent uncertainty surrounding the arrival and compatibility of the modular components. This required adeptness in on-the-spot decision-making to ensure that the supplied elements aligned seamlessly with the envisioned final design. Collaborating with Bosch’s German counterparts demanded effective communication and swift adaptations to address any discrepancies in expectations versus the physical components received.

Additionally, the stringent timeline posed a significant challenge. With an exceptionally tight turnaround, there was limited margin for error or delays. The need to swiftly assemble, verify, and ship the stand within a short timeframe intensified the pressure, necessitating meticulous planning and execution to meet the deadline without compromising quality or design integrity.  Furthermore, the logistical intricacies of working with a German-built structure added complexity to the installation process. Aligning components, ensuring structural stability, and integrating the LED strapline glowing feature and graphic elements required careful handling and precise execution.

However, the Media Powerhouse Group’s team tackled these challenges adeptly. They employed adaptive problem-solving strategies, quick decision-making, and efficient coordination within the Production Team to ensure that the stand’s construction and integration of bespoke features proceeded smoothly within the demanding timeline.

The team’s proactive approach and agility in addressing unforeseen discrepancies or complexities allowed for the successful assembly of the stand. Despite the inherent uncertainties and time constraints, Media Powerhouse Group’s commitment to delivering high-quality workmanship and meeting Bosch’s expectations resulted in an engaging and impactful showcase space at Alexandra Palace.


Outcome and Conclusion

Ultimately, the collaboration between Bosch and Media Powerhouse demonstrated the team’s resilience, adaptability, and ability to navigate challenges to achieve the desired outcome. The successful execution of the stand not only met the set objectives but also solidified a continued for future engagements, underlining the satisfaction and confidence in the delivered results.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Media Powerhouse Group and Bosch eBikes to assemble and enhance the stand at Alexandra Palace was a success, meeting the objectives set forth and resulting in a very satisfied client.