V&A South Kensington


4 months

Project Overview

Cars: Accelerating The Modern World

Media Powerhouse played a pivotal role in the inception and execution of the “CARS: Accelerating The Modern World” exhibition, collaborating with architects, curators, and designers to orchestrate an immersive audio-visual spectacle. The exhibition, boasting 23 projectors and over 60 speakers, showcased an innovative audio distribution system, allowing control over a diverse soundscape within the exhibition space.

Project Challenges & Solutions

Challenge 1: Dynamic Soundscapes and AV Integration

Creating a seamless yet dynamic soundscape while integrating numerous audio-visual elements posed a significant challenge. To tackle this, Media Powerhouse engineered a cutting-edge audio distribution system that permitted real-time audio generation and control, facilitating a constantly evolving soundtrack.

Solution 1: Advanced Audio Technology and Precision Integration

Employing state-of-the-art audio technology and a network-based distribution system granted unprecedented control to sound designers. This empowered them to orchestrate immersive soundscapes, exemplified by the transition from historic footage synced with “Run” by Martha and the Vandellas, filmed within a car factory, to the resonant echoes of modern Ford factory machinery. This transition was flawlessly executed through wide 3-way blend, ultra-short throw projection.

Challenge 2: Budget Optimization and Equipment Adaptation

Optimizing the exhibition’s budget without compromising quality demanded strategic equipment utilization. Media Powerhouse collaborated closely with the museum to repurpose existing equipment and complement it with rentals from their inventory, ensuring a cohesive AV solution throughout the exhibition.

Solution 2: Strategic Resource Management and Comprehensive AV Integration

By judiciously repurposing existing resources and supplementing them with rented equipment, Media Powerhouse provided a centralized AV solution for the exhibition. This comprehensive approach, from conceptualization to installation, streamlined the process while delivering a top-tier experience.

Technical Overview

AV Integration and Creative Design Process

Over a year of meticulous planning and design consultation ensued, involving detailed 3D projection modelling and mock-ups within Media Powerhouse’s fabrication workshop. This dedication showcased their commitment to merging technology with creativity, essential for crafting an immersive visitor experience.

Immersive Factory Experience

A standout feature of the exhibition was the creation of a lifelike factory ambiance. Visitors were transported into the world of manufacturing through synchronized AV playback across multiple surfaces and speakers. The transition from historical footage set to “Run” by Martha and the Vandellas, filmed in a car factory, seamlessly transitioned into the clamour of modern Ford factory machinery—a stunning display facilitated by wide 3-way blend, ultra-short throw projection.


The collaboration between Media Powerhouse and stakeholders culminated in the triumphant realization of “CARS: Accelerating The Modern World.” Their innovative application of technology, meticulous planning, and creative vision resulted in an unparalleled, ever-evolving audio-visual experience, setting a new standard for immersive exhibitions.