Davis Polk.








9 Months

Project Overview

Media Powerhouse was selected to participate in a significant AV project initiated by Malis Mohamed, a consultant at TAD, a New York-based consultancy. TAD had recently expanded its presence to London under Malis’s leadership. Our involvement began at Stage 2 design, and we were entrusted to carry the project through Stages 3 and 4, focusing on the development and implementation of the AV systems.

The project encompassed several complex spaces within the Davis Polk office, with Conference Rooms B and C being particularly intricate.

These spaces were divisible, equipped with projection systems, twin Screen Zoom based video conference-ing (VC) setups in each room, and multiple Shure wireless tabletop microphones, all requiring intricate control programming.

Additionally, Conference Rooms D and E presented another challenge. These rooms were divisible, with the larger half featuring a projection system and a mobile Credenza housing a complete Logi Rally Bar for enhanced video conferencing capabilities.

In addition to these larger spaces, several smaller rooms were equipped with Rally Bars, and a central rack system was installed in the communications room to streamline AV operations.

Project Challenges & Solutions

One of the primary challenges of the project was the fact that Davis Polk continued to occupy the building throughout the installation process. This required careful coordination to ensure minimal disruption to the client’s daily operations. With Malis Mohamed’s time becoming limited as the project progressed, Media Powerhouse took the lead on the design and execution of the AV systems.

Replacing motorized projection screens posed another significant challenge. The ceilings in the installation area were tricky to work with, and routing cables behind oak panelling presented further complexity.

To address the complexities of this ongoing project, our team had to devise a meticulously phased installation plan that minimized disruptions to Davis Polk’s daily operations while ensuring the project’s progression. Furthermore, the evolving nature of the project posed the challenge of adapting to shifting requirements and timelines, a task we managed diligently to maintain a seamless AV implementation.

Technical Overview

The heart of this project was the intricate AV setup in Conference Rooms B and C. These spaces featured a divisible layout, allowing flexibility in room configuration. Each room was equipped with a projection system for presentations and twin Screen Zoom-based video conferencing (VC) setups. Multiple Shure wireless tabletop microphones facilitated clear and dynamic audio, enhancing the conferencing experience.

The control programming in these rooms was highly sophisticated, ensuring seamless operation of all AV components, making it easier for users to switch between presentation, video conferencing, and microphone systems. The complexity of these rooms required meticulous attention to detail during design, installation, and programming.

Conference Rooms D and E were divisible spaces, with the larger section featuring a projection system for presentations. A mobile Credenza was introduced to accommodate a complete Logi Rally Bar, enhancing the video conferencing capabilities of the room. This setup offered Davis Polk a versatile space for various meeting and presentation needs.

Smaller rooms were equipped with Logi Rally Bars, designed to streamline video conferencing and improve communication. The central rack system in the communications room served as the nerve centre for all AV equipment, ensuring that the various systems operated efficiently and reliably.

Throughout the project, our team demonstrated a strong commitment to providing a high standard of workmanship, delivering complex AV solutions that met the specific needs of Davis Polk. By overcoming the challenges posed by an occupied building and the intricacies of the design, we successfully implemented AV systems that enhanced the client’s meeting and presentation capabilities.