Design Museum.








4 months

Project Overview

The customer for this project was the Design Museum, collaborating with Elmwood to introduce the Designer Maker User Exhibition at their new facility on Kensington High Street. This exhibition marked the museum’s relocation and aimed to deliver an engaging display showcasing different aspects of design. The brief was to supply materials for 15 areas within the exhibition, focusing on various print formats and creating interactive zones. The primary deliverable was the production and installation of these interactive areas to enhance visitor engagement.

Project Challenges & Solutions

The project encountered multiple challenges, primarily revolving around the production and installation of unique interactive elements. One of the significant challenges was the creation of a colossal laminated wall comprising hexagonal sections, standing approximately four meters high and stretching 20 meters in length. Each section, supplied at 800 millimeters in size and 30 millimeters thick, had to be precisely printed and installed to form a seamless graphic. Media Powerhouse carefully managed the production and installation process, ensuring each hexagonal piece aligned seamlessly to create a cohesive and uninterrupted design.

Another challenging zone within the exhibition involved an impactful acrylic hanging display depicting the development of logos across various brands. Constructing this display presented complexities in assembly, requiring meticulous attention to detail to achieve the desired visual impact. Despite the intricacies involved, the end result showcased the logo progression effectively, meeting the client’s expectations.

Outcome and Conclusion

The installation of interactive zones and print materials at the Design Museum’s Designer Maker User Exhibition was highly successful. Both Elmwood, the collaborating agency, and the Design Museum were extremely pleased with the outcome. The production and installation of the hexagonal laminated wall, spanning an impressive length, created a striking visual element that seamlessly captured the essence of the exhibition.

Additionally, the impactful acrylic hanging display effectively showcased the evolution of logos across various brands, adding a compelling narrative to the exhibition. The attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality installations were evident in the positive feedback received from Elmwood and the Design Museum.

The success of this project led to further collaborations, including two more large-scale projects with Elmwood and additional engagements directly with the Design Museum. Media Powerhouse’s ability to overcome complex production challenges and deliver compelling interactive zones solidified its position as a reliable partner for delivering innovative and visually engaging exhibition elements. The project’s success not only met but exceeded the expectations of both the agency and the end client, establishing a strong foundation for continued collaboration.