Lucas Classic.






NEC Birmingham


6 weeks

Project Overview

The customer for this project was LAW Creative, who engaged The Media Powerhouse Group to manage the concept, design, build, and installation of the Lucas stand at the Classic Car Show held at the NEC. The brief was to create a visually compelling 9x8m stand that would prominently feature classic vehicles, including a Jaguar E-Type, a Triumph Motorbike, and a vintage Land Rover. The objective was to showcase these vehicles in a way that aligned with specific images displayed behind them. The deliverable included a stand that not only housed the vehicles but also incorporated graphics, plinths, and moulded rocks to complement the backdrop images.

Project Challenges & Solutions

The primary challenge revolved around aligning the vehicles with the images displayed behind them while maintaining a seamless and visually captivating presentation.  We approached this challenge by meticulously designing the layout of the stand. Each vehicle was strategically placed on specific surfaces – whether on asphalt graphics, plinths, or moulded rocks – to precisely match the images portrayed behind them. The coordination of vehicle positioning with the graphics required meticulous planning and execution to ensure an immersive and harmonious display.

Another challenge involved the installation process. Setting up a 9x8m stand with multiple vehicles and ensuring their perfect alignment with the backdrop images was a complex task. The team navigated this challenge by employing a detailed installation plan. Precise measurements, careful positioning, and a systematic approach to setting up the vehicles and the accompanying elements were crucial in executing the design vision accurately.

Outcomes and Conclusion

The outcome of the Lucas stand at the Classic Car Show was a resounding success. The Creative Place effectively translated the concept into reality, creating a visually stunning display that seamlessly integrated the vehicles with the backdrop images. The vehicles – the Jaguar E-Type, Triumph Motorbike, and vintage Land Rover – were positioned flawlessly, mirroring the images behind them on asphalt graphics, plinths, and moulded rocks.

The customer, LAW Creative, expressed satisfaction and delight with the final presentation. The stand received positive attention and engagement from attendees at the Classic Car Show, effectively capturing the essence of classic automobiles while offering a visually immersive experience. The meticulous planning, precise execution, and attention to detail showcased Media Powerhouse’s ability to bring complex concepts to life, meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations.