MAC Carnaby.








4 weeks

Project Overview

The customer for this project was MAC Cosmetics, known for its innovative makeup products and influential standing in the beauty industry. The brief was to inaugurate their first flagship Pro store in the UK, situated on London’s iconic Carnaby Street. The goal was to establish a distinguished retail space that not only showcased MAC’s products but also celebrated creativity and local talent. The deliverables included designing and implementing graphics for the store’s opening, incorporating supergraphics on the building exterior, temporary installations outside, and intricate street graphics.

Project Challenges & Solutions

The project encountered several challenges, primarily centred around executing complex graphics installations in a bustling retail area like Carnaby Street, especially within tight time constraints. Media Powerhouse Group approached this challenge by meticulously planning the installation process. The team strategically scheduled the installation overnight to minimize disruption to the bustling daytime retail activity. This allowed for a focused and uninterrupted setup, ensuring that the street graphics, including the floor vinyl’s over the cobbled street, were flawlessly installed without affecting regular foot traffic.

Installing the floor graphics proved particularly challenging due to the intricacies of adhering to the cobbled street while ensuring precision and accuracy in the graphic placement. The team employed specialized techniques and equipment to handle this task, overcoming the challenges posed by the unique surface while ensuring the graphics adhered seamlessly and looked visually striking.

Outcome and Conclusion

The Media Powerhouse Group’s installation for MAC’s flagship Pro store opening in Carnaby Street was a resounding success. The graphics provided a captivating visual identity to the store, enhancing its allure and establishing a strong brand presence. The supergraphics on the building exterior, along with the temporary installations outside, created a vibrant and engaging ambiance, drawing attention to the store and the event.

Despite the challenges posed by installing the floor graphics on the cobbled street overnight, the team’s meticulous approach ensured a flawless execution. The result was a visually stunning transformation of Carnaby Street, showcasing MAC’s brand and supporting the store’s opening event.

MAC Cosmetics expressed immense satisfaction with the installation. The Media Powerhouse Group’s dedication to meeting tight timelines while delivering high-quality work left the customer thrilled with the outcome. The successful execution of this project further solidified Media Powerhouse’s reputation for handling complex installations in challenging environments, establishing a visually captivating and impactful presence for clients in prominent locations.