National Grid.








1 week

Project Overview

The customer for this project was Aspect Communications, a long-standing client with the Media Powerhouse group. They requested various event graphics for the National Grid conference and event. The core part of the brief was to create an interactive wall that was more than just a standard back wall; it needed illumination, portability, and a three-dimensional aspect.

After discussing the possibilities with the client, the solution chosen was magnetic graphics mounted onto an aluminum framework. A multi-shield panel, designed with ferrous material, was fitted to the frame, enabling the use of magnetic graphics on top. These graphics incorporated magnetic tape on the reverse of 3D elements, consisting of 10mm thick panels affixed onto lightweight, smart X panels, shaped, and magnetized onto the frame.

Project Challenges & Solutions

The primary challenge was creating a robust, stable structure that wasn’t top-heavy, yet incorporated illumination. The team navigated this challenge by designing a structure that balanced sturdiness and weight, ensuring the wall could stand upright while also incorporating the desired illuminative elements. Another challenge involved meeting a tight deadline and fitting the design into a specific frame size.

To overcome these challenges, meticulous planning, innovative design solutions, and a focus on material choices were implemented. The structure was meticulously engineered to maintain stability while ensuring portability, utilizing lightweight yet durable materials to meet the strict size requirements and deadline.

Outcome and Conclusion

The end result was met with resounding success. The interactive wall not only fulfilled the client’s expectations but exceeded them. National Grid’s CEO was extremely pleased with the outcome, expressing interest in having another version created for their head office and subsequent events.

The wall’s portability, robustness, and lightweight design facilitated its transport to National Grid’s head office and subsequent events, demonstrating its adaptability and practicality. The project’s success not only satisfied the client but also showcased Media Powerhouse’s ability to create innovative, functional, and visually appealing event graphics that resonated with National Grid’s leadership and audience.

In conclusion, the project not only met the brief’s requirements but also garnered enthusiastic approval from National Grid’s leadership, signifying a successful collaboration that delivered a standout, interactive wall that exceeded expectations.