Offspring Shoes.






King's Cross London


1 week

Project Overview

The customer for this project was Office Shoes, part of the Offspring group, known for their seven existing stores across the UK. The project revolved around the opening of a new Office Shoes store in Kings Cross. The objective was to collaborate with their internal design team to brand the new store during its interior fitting-out period, which spanned two weeks.

The brief entailed working closely with the internal design team within a tight timeframe to brand the store while the interior fittings were underway. The deliverable involved producing and installing vinyl graphics with a matte laminate to achieve a sleek, satin look. The installation task was particularly challenging due to restrictions on using mobile towers or ladders. The work had to be executed using access equipment during restricted night-time hours. The primary task was to cover the store’s five-and-a-half-meter-high windows, approximately six in total, to block off the area while the fit-out was in progress.

Project Challenges & Solutions

The primary challenge revolved around the installation limitations, primarily the inability to utilize mobile towers or ladders. Overcoming this hurdle required innovative approaches, leading to the use of access equipment during night-time hours for the vinyl graphic installation. The graphics themselves were meticulously designed with a matte over laminate to achieve the desired aesthetic while ensuring durability and visual appeal.

Outcome and Conclusion

Despite the challenges, the project was successfully executed within the stringent time constraints, earning appreciation from the customer for the swift turnaround. This initial project marked the beginning of a successful collaboration, leading to subsequent hording projects for the client. Following the successful completion of multiple projects, Media Powerhouse emerged as a preferred supplier for Office Shoes’ estate management division.

In conclusion, the project not only met the immediate branding needs for the new Office Shoes store in Kings Cross but also paved the way for an enduring partnership. The ability to navigate installation challenges and deliver high-quality vinyl graphics within a short timeframe not only satisfied the customer’s requirements but also established Media Powerhouse as a trusted and preferred supplier for Office Shoes’ ongoing projects and estate management needs.