Pink Floyd.








6 months

Project Overview

Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains

The Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains exhibition became a cornerstone project for Media Powerhouse, encompassing the design and installation of AV systems across a multi-venue tour. Kicking off at the V&A Museum in London in May 2017, the team’s responsibility extended beyond providing equipment; it involved tailoring AV setups to suit the unique specifications of each tour location.

Project Challenges & Solutions

Tailored Immersive Experience

Crafting an immersive experience in the ‘Performance Zone’ and integrating the Guideport audio guide system presented significant challenges. Close collaboration with Sennheiser ensured the seamless implementation of the Guideport system, offering visitors the freedom to explore the exhibition at their pace. The ‘Performance Zone,’ with its elaborate projection and 3D audio, required meticulous live content design and rendering on-site to align with both the design team’s and the band’s vision.

Efficient Remote Support and Automation

Logistically managing technical crew support across diverse venues posed a challenge. For the Madrid leg, Media Powerhouse implemented an innovative show control system, automating the activation and deactivation of AV equipment and lighting based on venue hours. This streamlined approach minimized the need for on-site technicians, relying on remote support to troubleshoot issues in Madrid, Dortmund, and beyond.

Technical Overview

The Pink Floyd exhibition tour showcased Media Powerhouse’s technical proficiency in system design, configuration, and installation. Through the adept utilization of rental equipment, the team ensured consistency and excellence in AV experiences across varying venues. The integration of the Guideport audio guide system, the intricate ‘Performance Zone,’ and the automated show control system highlighted the team’s adaptability in delivering captivating AV experiences tailored to each location’s requirements.


The extensive three-year journey with the Pink Floyd exhibition tour underscored Media Powerhouse’s technical expertise, adaptability, and commitment to delivering exceptional AV experiences. It was more than a display of technical prowess; it showcased the team’s ability to navigate complexities, understand nuanced venue needs, and creatively adapt AV solutions to bring the Pink Floyd exhibition to life across diverse cultural landscapes. This enduring collaboration not only enriched the tour but also stands as a testament to Media Powerhouse’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of audio-visual innovation in the exhibition realm.