Sky At The 02.






London, Greenwich


6 months

Project Overview

The reimagining of Sky Studio at The O2 into a dynamic digital hub represents a fusion of innovation and technological advancement. In collaboration with Media Powerhouse, Sky envisioned a pioneering facility that seamlessly integrated LED branding, dynamic digital signage, and an adaptable content management system. This ambitious project aimed to captivate diverse audiences and cater to the versatile events at The O2, demanding a harmonious blend of creativity, technology, and structural innovation.

The challenge lay not only in conceptualizing an impressive LED solution but also devising a content workflow aligned with Sky’s editorial framework and adaptable to the venue’s diverse event needs. Media Powerhouse’s role extended beyond standard LED installations, pioneering a groundbreaking LED logo concept, streamlining content workflows, and navigating intricate installation complexities while ensuring uninterrupted operations during The O2’s bustling schedule.

Project Challenges & Solutions

Revolutionary LED Branding Design

Creating a groundbreaking LED solution for the Sky logo necessitated ingenuity. Media Powerhouse devised an innovative approach using approximately 600 custom LED tiles intricately arranged within a steel frame, forming a high-quality, custom-shaped video screen. This inventive design, diverging from traditional LED panel methodologies, enabled seamless content creation within standard workspaces, streamlining the content creation process.

Seamless Integration and Advanced Content Flexibility

Achieving seamless integration and content flexibility demanded cutting-edge LED processing and playout systems. Media Powerhouse deployed Novastar MCTRL R5 LED controllers and Brightsign XT1144 solid-state media players to manage content processing and playout. This setup ensured unparalleled content flexibility, allowing remote management of content pools and playlists while maintaining precise synchronization across screens.

Technical Overview

The reinvigoration of Sky Studios at The O2 pivoted on landscape and portrait LED screens, supplemented by a ticker screen, meticulously managed by sophisticated LED controllers and solid-state media players. The intricately designed LED logo, in tandem with landscape and portrait LED screens, heralded the dawn of an innovative digital branding scheme, epitomizing Sky’s dynamic and adaptable content strategy.

LED Logo Design and Implementation

The pioneering LED logo utilized a novel approach, employing around 600 custom 80mm x 80mm LED tiles, magnetically attached within a steel frame to create a large, custom-shaped high-quality video screen. A custom firmware on Novastar A8 scan cards enabled content creation within a standard 1920 x 1080 workspace, streamlining content management without the need for content segmentation.

LED Screens and Processing

The expansive digital branding scheme included landscape and portrait LED screens (5m x 2.81m, 2.6mm pixel pitch) and a linear news-ticker screen (12m x 562mm). Four Novastar MCTRL R5 LED Controllers, offering 4k x 1k input resolution and input rotation within a 1U rack size, managed LED processing. Additionally, four Brightsign XT1144 solid-state media players facilitated robust content playout and remote content management.


The successful evolution of Sky Studios into a dynamic digital sanctuary underscores Media Powerhouse’s adeptness in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge LED technology into architectural designs. This transformative project not only highlights their prowess in meeting multifaceted challenges but also showcases their ability to deliver groundbreaking LED solutions and dynamic content management systems. The reimagined Sky Studios represents not just a technological upgrade but an epitome of Sky’s futuristic media ambitions, setting a remarkable precedent in merging innovative branding with avant-garde technology within a dynamic entertainment space.