Sky Campus.






Osterley, London


12 Months

Project Overview

Media Powerhouse was commissioned to orchestrate the design, provisioning, and installation of diverse AV systems for the prominent Sky Central building located in Osterley. This expansive facility was slated to accommodate approximately 2,500 employees from various locations, necessitating an array of tailored AV solutions. The project encompassed the comprehensive management of meeting room systems, open area screens, and the integration of specialized areas such as monitoring centers, security offices, and disaster recovery rooms.

A substantial portion of the 180 displays installed consisted of Samsung DM screens, serving as the standard choice for meeting rooms and open spaces. These displays spanned sizes from 32” to 65”. Additional requisites dictated the inclusion of larger screens at 75” and 86”. To meet these requirements, LG UH5C screens were selected, ensuring 4K compatibility with SkyQ. The largest meeting room featured a striking 1.2mm Silicon Core LED screen, creating an impressive 120” visual canvas. Meeting rooms were thoughtfully equipped with AMX Hydra ports and retractable cables. Connectivity options in the Hydraports included HDMI, Display Port, and Mini Display Port. Complementing each Hydraport, a Crestron HDMI auto switcher facilitated seamless routing of user connections to the screen, minimizing additional user selection. Polycom GS500 VC systems were installed in the majority of meeting rooms.

For the larger and split meeting rooms, a consistent connectivity framework was augmented with Exterity receivers, Barco Clickshare, and an array of Sky decoders catering to multiple regional configurations, including the UK, Germany, and Italy. The deployment of Crestron DM matrix switchers, DMPS units, and Qsys DSP with enhanced microphone facilities was strategically implemented to elevate audio quality in video conferencing calls.

Project Challenges & Solutions

The project adhered to a stringent timeline and budget, ensuring completion within a four-month timeframe.  Notably, Media Powerhouse’s continued engagement involves the maintenance and support of all AV systems spanning the entirety of Sky’s London campus buildings.

An additional responsibility includes the maintenance of the Omnivex estate, which has emerged as the default signage application throughout the business.  Open area screens presented a unique challenge, being dispersed across diverse mounts and linked to an array of sources. The systems integrated Omnivex, Exterity, dedicated Sky boxes, and dedicated laptop input facilities.

Technical Overview

The technical backbone of the AV systems at Sky Central comprises a variety of displays, encompassing Samsung DM and LG UH5C screens.

The utilization of Crestron technology, including AMX Hydra ports and Crestron HDMI auto switchers, simplifies the user experience while ensuring seamless connectivity.

The incorporation of Polycom GS500 VC systems facilitates robust video conferencing capabilities across numerous meeting rooms. The inclusion of Exterity receivers, Barco Clickshare, and Sky decoders enhances the diversity of sources, enabling comprehensive and flexible AV solutions.

The deployment of Crestron DM matrix switchers and Qsys DSP, combined with enhanced microphone facilities, elevates audio quality, particularly in video conferencing environments.

This project, delivered on time and within budget, underscores Media Powerhouse’s expertise in tailoring advanced AV solutions to the specific needs of a complex and dynamic corporate environment.

The ongoing maintenance of AV systems underscores the enduring partnership between Media Powerhouse and Sky in delivering exceptional audio-visual experiences.