Space Zone.






Newcastle upon Tyne


5 months

Project Overview

Media Powerhouse Special Projects took charge of designing and installing the audio-visual systems for the Space Zone exhibition. Collaborating closely with the museum and exhibition design team throughout the RIBA design process and construction, their goal was to create a cost-effective scheme without compromising quality, catering to a gallery with an anticipated lifecycle of over a decade.

Project Challenges & Solutions

Challenge 1: Integrating Technology for Longevity

Balancing budget constraints with ensuring a high-quality, durable system capable of lasting over 10 years posed a significant challenge. Media Powerhouse addressed this by carefully integrating technology within the exhibition design, protecting equipment from visitor interaction while ensuring ease of maintenance.

Solution 1: Thoughtful Technology Integration and Maintenance

Employing a meticulous approach, Media Powerhouse seamlessly integrated touch-screen interactive exhibits, prioritizing reliability and maintainability. They developed a comprehensive show control solution that automated gallery startup and shutdown, aligning with the museum’s operational hours and safeguarding equipment longevity.

Challenge 2: Tailoring Experience for Visitors

Customizing the exhibition’s design to resonate with the target audience while ensuring an engaging visitor experience demanded close collaboration with the museum’s interpretations team, architects, and interactive software developers.

Solution 2: Audience-Centric Design Collaboration

By collaborating closely with stakeholders, Media Powerhouse tailored the exhibition to cater to the target audience’s preferences and learning styles. This collaboration ensured an immersive and educational experience aligned with the Space Zone’s objectives.

Technical Overview

Interactive Exhibit Emphasis and Rigging Services

The exhibition heavily relied on touch-screen interactive exhibits, requiring a robust system design to ensure reliability and maintenance ease. Additionally, Media Powerhouse provided rigging services, including inspection of existing equipment and installation of a new rigging system for the exhibition.

Design Ethos and STEM Sector Fostering

Emphasizing engaging, immersive experiences to educate and inspire, Media Powerhouse’s design ethos shines through in Space Zone. By creating a captivating experience, the exhibition aims to inspire young people from the North East to pursue careers in the growing STEM sector.

After-Sales Support and Remote Management

Beyond design and installation, Media Powerhouse offered comprehensive after-sales support, including remote management and diagnostics. This ongoing support ensures the exhibition remains in top condition, ready to entertain and educate visitors consistently.


The Space Zone exhibition stands as a testament to Media Powerhouse’s dedication to creating engaging, educational, and enduring experiences. By seamlessly integrating technology, collaborating with stakeholders, and providing comprehensive after-sales support, they’ve contributed to fostering enthusiasm for STEM careers in the North East.