V33 Stand Screwfix Live.






Farnborough Exhibition Centre


4 weeks

Project Overview

The Media Powerhouse Group collaborated with V33 for their exhibition stand at the Screwfix Live event held at the Farnborough Exhibition Centre in 2023. As a supplier to Screwfix, V33 aimed to present their products, particularly renovation paints, in an engaging and informative manner. The stand, spanning six by five meters, served as a showcase of V33’s interior and exterior products, featuring live room sets to demonstrate the application and transformative effects of their paints and finishes.

Project Challenges & Solutions

The project presented several challenges, notably the creation of engaging room sets to showcase V33’s range effectively. Each area had to portray ‘before and after’ transformations using V33’s renovation paints, requiring meticulous planning and execution to ensure authenticity and visual appeal. Crafting these room sets demanded careful consideration of materials, colors, and finishes, including the application of varnishes and oils on decking areas to exhibit the performance of V33’s products.

The assembly of these room sets and their integration into the stand was time-intensive, requiring meticulous attention to detail to create a cohesive and compelling display. The team focused on arranging and presenting various product applications coherently, ensuring a seamless narrative that highlighted the benefits and versatility of V33’s range within the limited space.

Outcome and Conclusion

The V33 exhibition stand at Screwfix Live was met with success. Visitors to the stand engaged positively with the live room sets, finding them informative and illustrative of the transformative potential of V33’s products. The stand’s layout facilitated a smooth flow of information, enabling V33 staff to effectively communicate the unique features and applications of their products to attendees.

The feedback received post-event was positive, emphasizing the stand’s effectiveness in showcasing V33’s range and enabling engaging interactions with visitors. The room sets’ versatility and impact were further highlighted as they were repurposed for future shows, demonstrating their lasting value and the success of their design.

Overall, V33 was pleased with the stand’s outcome and the positive response garnered during the event. The collaboration between V33 and the Media Powerhouse Group showcased the latter’s ability to meet client objectives by creating engaging and informative exhibition displays that effectively showcase products and captivate audiences. The successful execution of the stand reiterated the potential of impactful design and presentation in delivering the client’s messaging and product highlights at large-scale events.