Vodafone Speechmark.





Southwark, London


8 months

Project Overview

Vodafone’s transformative refurbishment of The Speechmark not only represents a significant investment in their technological workforce but also stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation within a central London office space. Collaborating closely with Media Powerhouse, the architects envisioned an avant-garde architectural design integrating a transparent LED screen within the expansive glass facade. This LED wall, meticulously designed in a broken pattern to follow the faceted curve of the windows, became a defining feature of the space. The selection of an ultralightweight mesh LED product from a preferred supplier contributed to maintaining high transparency within the atrium while minimizing light loss. The ingenious suspension system, a design marvel by Media Powerhouse’s in-house construction and structural designer, utilized tubular steel beams and thin steel cable assemblies, creating a virtually invisible rigging that enhanced the screen’s floating illusion. Furthermore, a discreetly engineered cable management solution using low-profile steel sections ensured an aesthetically seamless integration of power and data supply to the LED wall, meticulously color-matched to the building’s architecture.

Project Challenges & Solutions

Invisible Rigging and Seamless Aesthetics

The challenge of suspending the LED wall in a visually imperceptible manner was met with ingenious design solutions. Media Powerhouse’s innovative suspension system, complemented by careful coordination with structural elements, established an almost invisible rigging, enhancing the wall’s floating appearance.

Sophisticated Presentation Space Integration

Creating a cutting-edge presentation space within The Speechmark demanded an integration of technology that seamlessly adapted to diverse usage needs. The innovative ‘self-drive’ capability, an outcome of Media Powerhouse’s thorough integration of technology systems, empowered users to activate the entire system effortlessly by simply connecting a laptop. Additionally, for high-profile events, a sophisticated digital sound console and vision mixing system were incorporated, ensuring the space’s adaptability to various corporate requirements.

Technical Overview

The transformation of The Speechmark into a state-of-the-art hub was a testament to Media Powerhouse’s comprehensive expertise. From the meticulous design of the LED screen, the innovative suspension system, to the seamless integration of high-resolution video walls and event technology, their in-house team’s capabilities played a pivotal role. The strategic deployment of technology and architectural elements reflected their commitment to achieving an optimal blend of functionality, aesthetics, and technological advancement.


The refurbishment of The Speechmark not only epitomizes Vodafone’s commitment to innovation but also showcases Media Powerhouse’s prowess in crafting immersive and technologically advanced spaces. Their meticulous approach to integrating cutting-edge technology with architectural design sets a new standard for modern office environments. This transformative project not only redefines spatial aesthetics but also establishes Media Powerhouse as a frontrunner in delivering innovative, seamless, and immersive experiences within architectural spaces.