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"Your crew did an excellent job all round and I can't thank them enough – all-in-all, the A-team."

- M K, Production Manager, Cheerful Scout

Video - welcome to the big screen

We have invested significantly in video and audio technology and also in the very best range of infrastructure equipment, i.e. the “glue” items that hold a system together, and by partnering ourselves with world class industry manufacturers, we can not only be at the forefront of technology, but we can help influence and shape the equipment we use now and in the future.

Most events are brought to life by the visual technology and the way it’s deployed. Video has the power to grasp and hold an audience’s attention; so it’s vital that you get this right. Our team has been successfully specifying, sourcing and supplying state-of-the-art video technologies for decades: from projectors or screens, Plasma, LED or LCD, to broadcast camera systems.

  • State-of-the-art multiple-screen LED walls
  • Broadcast-quality video camera systems
  • 3D cinema projection

We pioneer and excel in all areas of video technology, be it 3D Digital Cinema projection and Dolby surround sound, to our own multi output High Definition widescreen graphics system.

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Audio - from a whisper to a roar

In order for a presentation to work at the most basic level, it has to be heard; therefore audio must be regarded as the single most important element of an event. We accept it’s part of a triumvirate (lighting and content being the other critical elements) but saying its the most important makes our sound boys happy! Stay with us on this…

The best sound comes from the most appropriate high quality equipment and that’s what we supply. The sound boys know how and why, and can dazzle you for hours on achieving auditory effect, amplification, distribution and balance etc. but we don’t have the space or inclination to go into that here. Only the top team will do when it comes to audio design, and we will provide you with the right equipment to ensure that your event works and works well.

  • We supply the best quality digital audio equipment from amplification to distribution and recording
  • Experts in audio system design

With the audio industry taking a huge step into the digital era Media Powerhouse has jumped and embraced the trends. So no matter what the occasion you can be assured that you will be receiving the highest quality and most up to date systems you require to make your event the best it can be.

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Lighting - to make you shine

Lighting will set the mood of an event. You can lift spirits or depress them; focus attention or provide a distraction. Whatever your lighting does to your audience we make sure that it’s what you intended.

Our ingenious lighting engineers can transform your entire space or just highlight specific areas. With access to state of the art lighting resources Media Powerhouse’s lighting technicians and designers are eager for the opportunity to meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Fully coordinated lighting to set the mood for your event
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Media Powerhouse provides a comprehensive scenic construction and rental service. We can design and build complete bespoke stage sets for your conference or event, or simply produce an individual piece of furniture.

If bespoke is not what you are looking for you will almost certainly find what you need in our repository of stock sets. At Media Powerhouse we make it our business to have the flexibility to cater for every element of your requirement however unique or extraordinary.

  • Rent our complete staging solutions
  • Or we can build a completely bespoke design for you

And, rest assured that whichever route is right for you, our scenic solution will meet the relevant health and safety standards – all of which means that there is less for you to worry about.

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From a projector screen to a museum exhibit Media Powerhouse has the experience and knowledge to safely suspend whatever you require.

We have invaluable experience with a wide variety of specialist installations, understanding the legal and safety requirements of each individual project. Sometimes the actual installation is the easy part. At Media Powerhouse we are well aware that access and logistics play a major part in installing oversized or delicate objects. We are able to offer a service that is tailored to your needs.

  • Full installation access and logistics

Project consultancy, through to management and installation

Our installation teams are hand picked from our full time staff and a pool of expert freelance riggers and engineers. Each member of every team is selected for his or her individual talents, be it IRATA qualifications, plant licenses or tool skills.

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