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Ferrari paddock

Procar International contracted Media Powerhouse to design, supply, install and support the audio visual, network, telephony and satellite systems for its new Formula 1 Paddock Complex. Alan MacDonald has been delivering permanent AV solutions to Procar, Ferrari and Ducati since 2004 and a strong mutual respect has been formed. This most recent project was completed in April 2009, within budget and has been used on all European Grand Prix events since the start of the F1 racing season in 2009.

The new complex is made up of eight 40′ long modules that are transported to each of the venues on the back of articulated flatbed trailers. All of these modules stack and interconnect once on site to provide a total floor area of approximately 450 square metres over three floors. The space is used by Ferrari’s F1 team as well as its major sponsors.

There are 12 individual offices and three large open space areas. Each of the offices and open areas has access to the integrated AV systems via individual Crestron touch panels. The delivery of audio and video across the complex is achieved with the use of one of the largest Crestron QuickMedia┬« systems ever installed into this sort of mobile environment. We supplied 35 screens within the complex varying in size from 32″ to 70″. Each one of these screens can show any one of up to 18 sources, which include six local circuit camera feeds, camera feeds for the Ferrari garage, Italian satellite channels, Sky UK channels, DVD players and a digital signage product. Users are also able to view a quad split image consisting of any available sources. Each space has its own individual audio zone and volume control.

  • Eight individual 40' modules that interconnect on site, physically technically and aesthetically.

As well as the audio visual solution we have installed a telephone exchange which can be connected to a maximum of eight telephone lines supplied by the local telecoms company at each venue. We then provided 20 extensions for the office and open areas. On top of the telephony system we have also installed a fully integrated Cat6 infrastructure with approximately 100 data ports and two wireless networks, with a link to Ferrari’s Italian based network. As a fully demountable mobile facility we designed bespoke audio, video and network interconnections between the eight modules, which are not only reliable and easy to use, but also water and dust proof.

We now support all audio visual, telephone, satellite and network systems at each of the European venues. We have also integrated a remote diagnostics network for any assistance we may need to provide from the UK whilst the complex is abroad.

One of the most important requirements of a project like this, aside from the need to have a fully functional and reliable system, is the high expectation with regards to finish. We at Media Powerhouse are very proud of our ability to work to these very high standards.