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Audio visual technologies, communications and broadcast systems are constantly evolving and converging. We have invested not only in leading AV technology solutions and internet-based services but our technical team keeps us at the forefront of these changes so that we can offer our clients the latest products that have been evaluated and tested in the field. Our clients want to be able to communicate with their audience wherever they are and however they interact. We stay at the forefront to enable our clients to maximise their return on investment for a promotional event or communication campaign.

Our events and systems integration products include:

  • Image Ultra

    stunning, flexible wide screen technology that transforms a live event

  • Vidyoâ„¢

    High definition, multipoint video conferencing and interaction which is scalable and efficient

  • 3D Mapping and Projection

    Enabling complex shapes and logos to be projected on stage

  • IPTV – internet protocol television

    Multimedia services delivered over the internet to a distributed audience. We use this technology to not only distribute TV images and packages from satellite and aerial systems, but also from host broadcasters for distribution around public event spaces and hospitality areas.

  • Digital Signage

    Enabling information and communication across a site or around a workspace

  • Control systems

    Providing a user friendly, single point of control for complex internal AV and broadcast systems within a meeting space or across a whole site.

  • Broadcast package

    Many media, publishing and news organisations have engaged us to design, develop and install integrated broadcasting and communication studios.