James Hunt

Managing Director (Print)
The Creative Place

James is the Managing Director of our print production house, The Creative Place. With over a decade of experience, he has been pivotal in driving the company’s growth, ensuring its ability to adapt and keep up with market trends.

Following 5 years working within their studio, James identified the need to incorporate large format printing into their operations. He played a crucial role in selecting the appropriate machinery, and building a capable team, to meet existing client demands whilst also generating new business opportunities. As a result of this pivot, turnover significantly increased, and focus at The Creative Place began to shift towards large format printing.

Remaining with the business he helped build, James was promoted to Managing Director following our successful acquisition of The Creative Place in 2019. Today, James ensures the smooth operation of this division, continuing to serve their own diverse client base, as well as producing all the printed elements and creative displays for Media Powerhouse projects.

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