Michael Breen

Executive Chairman
Media Powerhouse

Michael is our esteemed Executive Chairman, and a true legend of the audio visual, broadcast and event technology industry. With a career spanning senior roles and director-level involvement for over three decades, Michael is a seasoned leader and strategic thinker.

His career began in accountancy, where his passion for assisting businesses in growth and transition became evident. In 1989, while a partner at his own practice, Breen, Moore, Alexander & Co, he was instrumental in formulating business plans that led to the creation of Blitz Vision, a specialist in technical production for events. Leaving his practice, Michael then joined Blitz Vision as Finance Director and later became Chief Executive, overseeing companies such as Samuelson Communications, TP Sound Services, Interactive Television, Astonics, Charter Broadcast, and Cine Video, with offices worldwide.

In 2007, Michael co-founded The Media Powerhouse Group, initially serving as CEO, before transitioning to Executive Chairman in 2018. Under his leadership and guidance, Media Powerhouse has flourished, leveraging cutting-edge AV and broadcast technology to provide innovative solutions. Michael’s strong business acumen, strategic vision, and deep understanding of industry trends has been key in driving our continued growth, adapting to market changes and expanding our capabilities while maintaining a strong reputation and quality of service.

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