Mike Breen

Director of System Integration
Media Powerhouse


07771 991262

Director of System Integration, Media Powerhouse

Mike Breen is a seasoned AV professional with over 14 years of experience in the AV industry, bridging Live Events and Systems Integration. As the Head of the Systems Integration department, he manages various functions, including Design, Delivery, Operations, Logistics, Transport, Procurement and Service with a team of over 30 members of staff. Mike handles fiscal responsibilities; CAPEX/OPEX expenditure, and forecasting. He also oversees management activities, including KPI performance analysis, market evaluation, rate reviews, process refinement, and leading his teams strategically. His contributions extend to technical guidance, fostering skill development, and ensuring high workmanship standards. Mike has implemented QA and management systems to improve efficiency and reduce project risk, introducing a custom CRM system for improved project accuracy. He keeps an eye on industry trends and emerging technologies, integrating innovative solutions into project designs and standardizing pre-sales hardware specifications. Mike oversees solutions from concept to delivery, generating project document packages, managing resource allocation, and conducting in-depth AV tender processes. He also nurtures manufacturer and distributor relationships, introduces Service Level Agreements, and prototypes bespoke AV solutions.

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