Ray Sappal

Service Director
Media Powerhouse

Ray Sappal is a highly regarded professional in the Audio-Visual (AV) industry, with over 35 years of expertise. With a focus in the Hotel sector, he has established himself as a notable figure in AV Systems integration. As a Director of Creative Powerhouse Partnership since July 2021, Ray excels in integrating AV systems, ensuring that technology operates harmoniously to enhance a range of spaces.

Ray’s career commenced with Visual Systems Sales Ltd in 1999 , where he has been at the helm for more than a quarter of a century. Ray’s role has consistently involved AV systems sales and expert guidance within the Hotel sector. With his profound understanding of AV Systems integration and his specialization in the Hotel sector, Ray Sappal plays a pivotal role in delivering seamless, high-quality audio-visual solutions to various events and settings, ensuring that technology functions flawlessly to create memorable experiences. His extensive experience and expertise make him a sought-after professional in the AV industry.

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